Chriss Liu’s Chriss-mas Gift List for Advisors

For English Teachers

Shakespeare Finger Puppet
Shakespeare Finger Puppet

“Tis an ill cook that cannot lik his own finger” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

$8.99 on Amazon


For Math Teachers

Math Mug
Math Mug

Wake up every morning to a warm cup of mathematics with this mug.

$15.99 on UncommonGoods


For History Teachers

Presidential Socks

Never forget our founding father George Washington with these nifty socks.

$12.00 on Amazon


For Language Teachers

World Cities Calendar
World Cities Calendar

You can still have your big dream of world traveling even when you are stuck in Blairstown.

$26 on Rifle Paper Co.


For Science Teachers

Hourglass magic.
Hourglass magic.

Never lose track of time with this magnetic hourglass.

$18.00 on UncommonGoods


For Art Teachers:

Coloring isn't just for children.
Coloring isn’t just for children.

Come, color, learn.

$19.90 on Moma

Chriss Liu

Editor-In-Chief and Founder