Catching Up: Lukas Dong

LOS ANGELES – Lukas Dong ’15 has continued his pursuit of photography and filmmaking while attending the University of Southern California. College is a lot different from high school, so we wanted to know: What’s new? What’s exciting? What’s different? What useful lessons did he learn at Blair? This summer The Oracle caught up with Lukas:

"Dag Town"
“Dag Town”

So, Lukas, is it nice having more restaurants around your college than in Blairstown? Where’s your favorite place to eat?

It’s great having access to more restaurants! One of my favorite things about college is that whenever I’m hungry I can go eat. At Blair, if you’re hungry and it is past 11pm, there’s not much you can do. Favorite place to eat? Maybe Honeymee? Although that’s an ice cream shop, haha! Tatsu Ramen is great too, if you’re ever in LA.

What’s a lesson you learned at Blair that has helped you throughout your first year in college?
It’s not really a lesson, but coming from a boarding school I was already so used to living in a dorm that I found it much easier to transition to the college lifestyle [than a lot of other people]. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

What’s something you’re working on now that you’d be excited to share with current Blair students?
I am currently trying to launch a new website geared towards fashion and style. It is the perfect combination of two things that have always grabbed my attention: film/photography and fashion. It’s Called “DagTown” (pronounced Dog), inspired by my late Grandfather, Dag. Last month I stumbled upon thousands of old Rolleiflex photographs he had taken, and I was blown away by this talent and attention to detail that I had never known he had.

Is there anything particularly new and exciting you’re looking forward to?
I am still experimenting with all sorts of variations of the visual medium that is film. Over the past year my eyes have been opened to a myriad of new opportunities and professions that rely on visual storytelling. Right now I am excited to keep exploring those opportunities as well and become more comfortable with failure, as it seems to be such a prominent part of the creative process.

(Copyright 2016 Tys Sweeney; Credit Lukas Dong)

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