Cartoon Caption Contest

The Second Blair Oracle Caption Contest has begun! Please submit your captions through the comments section or through email. If you select comment as guest, you will not have to make an account to comment, but please use your real name and email address.

Make your own caption!
Make your own caption!
Tys Sweeney

Founder & Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Tys Sweeney '17 founded the Blair Oracle in April 2015. He wrote news, fiction, poetry, and announcements for the publication until he graduated in 2017. He served as Editor-in-Chief until 2016 and was succeeded by Seth Kim.

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  • Ms. Tillman

    Blair; not Peddie. Blair!

  • Stephan Frick

    Trying to find nemo

  • Blake Wilkey

    David got his grades back, they were below Sea level.

  • Kevin Claflin

    My Friday night! – Kevin

  • Mr. Parauda

    The Reader (reading):
    Ah, “To be or not to be?”

    The Fin:
    Dude, I’m betting on…not to be.

  • Luke Corrado

    It’s actually just a dolphin.

  • Savannah Doelfel

    Taylor Swift’s new single: SHARK It Off

  • Susan Ferrera

    “SHARK Waves”, a gutwrenching short story from
    start to FINish!

  • Brett Lubreski

    When things you should worry about in life just don’t even faze you anymore

  • Donovan_Wright

    When bae doesn’t text you back but you just got a text from your side chick

  • Spencer Osborne

    *George W. Bush. Downtown New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina*

  • Alec Lawless

    At least the guy is a FIN of that book.

  • Spencer Osborne

    *George W. Bush. Downtown New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina*

  • Misa Kim

    remember kids, don’t drink and swim

  • Droun Tiwari

    I love tys

  • Will Sigety

    When you just don’t care anymore…

  • Taylor Attix

    When you mixtape too hot that it melt the polar ice caps

  • Bobby Tanakulthon

    Reading is JAWsome

  • Alexander Roberts

    I told you reading was dangerous

  • Chris Fortunato

    Fortunately, he had liberally applied SPF 45 (shark protection factor) earlier that morning.

  • Droun T.

    Like a good neighbor state farm is there.

  • Sarah Field

    Thanks Obama…

  • Chris Liu

    Reading makes people smart, oh, I can already feel it!!!

  • Max Bonzulak

    It’s productive. It’s precise. It’s powerful. It’s here:
    The all new drawing tablet attachment — get yours today, and start making masterpieces like this in no time.

  • Rebecca Xi

    Hello? 911? I just got bitten by a shark…

  • Reo Aono

    Summer Reading has me like….

  • Reo Aono

    New season of FINeas and Ferb. Ocean Adventures.

  • Chinoso Sudol

    When your mom tells you there plenty of fish in the sea

  • Droun Tiwari

    Summertime Sharkness

  • J.Sudol

    Shrakz!11!!!1 Llolo

  • Jakub Sudol

    Where’s wilson when you need him

  • Ethan Amato

    What happened after Jack let go…
    Ethan Amato

  • Dale Stout

    Tom’s Cruise is going overboard.

  • Dale Stout

    The agony of defeat.

  • Alec Lawless

    A fellow-beachgoer floats out in the ocean. Not “sea”ing the potential danger in the situation.