Cartoon Caption Contest

The Third Blair Oracle Caption Contest has begun! Please submit your captions through the comments section or through email. If you select comment as guest, you will not have to make an account to comment, but please use your real name and email address. A winner will be decided next week and announced as usual on Friday. This will be the last caption contest this school year, so make sure to participate.

The contest will continue until a winner is announced.

The cartoon was drawn by Lorrisa Luo

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Submit a Caption!


The Oracle Staff

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  • Ronan Smarth

    When your advisor gets you Chipotle.

  • Aaron Chou

    That moment you realize you had homework due.

  • Maria Ngugi

    ” ‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now, I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me”
    -Justin Timberlake

  • Jenna Faust

    “What Child is this?” – The Bible

  • Alec Lawless

    When you beat Luke Corrado in the Caption Contest… Not Dean, but Luke.

  • Misa Kim

    when someone asks you to draw for the oracle and you said yes when you meant no

  • Chinonso Chima Anyanka

    When you think that you’re Amber Rose

  • Chinonso Chima Anyanka

    When bae is trapped inside a mirror

  • Chinonso Chima Anyanka

    When bae’s makeup is not on fleek

  • Lil Wayne

    All my goons so overzealous
    I’m from Holly Groove, the holy Mecca

  • Max Bonzulak

    #Hashtag This is an outrage!

  • Anonymous

    Illuminati Confirmed

  • Daiden Kent

    When someone makes a joke about your new haircut.

  • Dean Corrado

    When your little brother is possessed

  • Luke Corrado

    When you loose the Caption Contest to Alec Lawless… Not Zach, but Alec.