Caption Contest: 8th Installment

The winner for this caption contest will be announced at the first school meeting after the Thanksgiving Holiday. There will again be the normal THREE winners.

When submitting a caption, use your real name and email address. Please submit your captions through the comments section below (scroll down). If you select comment as guest, you will not have to make an account to comment, but please use your real name and email address. Email if you have trouble posting your comment.

Submit a thoughtful and interesting caption!
Submit a thoughtful and interesting caption!

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The Oracle Staff

  • Joshua Gobencion

    When you want to erasHer from your life.

  • Tim Johns

    When you’re hanging with your side bae around hardwick

  • Mr. Dougherty

    “This dress code is unfair” – Everybody

  • Felix Ingla

    Be there or be square

  • Spencer Quinn

    When they say “be there or be square” but you still don’t go

  • Kraig Correll


  • Liam Heino

    I have no mouth yet I must scream.

  • Max Bonzulak

    When the whole squad’s outfit is on point

  • Chinonso Chima Anyanka

    It’s brick outside!

  • Charlie Stafford

    Still a better love story than twilight.

  • Luke Corrado

    Boys JV soccer after Peddie Day