Caption Contest 6

This time around, Joebe Mandel has created the cartoon featured below. The winner of this contest will be decided in several weeks. There will only be one winner for this contest, so make yours count.

When submitting a caption, use YOUR real name and email address. Please submit your captions through the comments section below (scroll down). If you select comment as guest, you will not have to make an account to comment, but please use your real name and email address. Email if you have trouble posting your comment.

Submit your Caption!
Submit your Caption!


We would like to hold a special Peddie Week caption contest. If you would like to draw the cartoon for that contest, contact before October 25th, 2015.

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The Oracle Staff

  • Aubrey Drake Graham

    “Just hold on we’re going home
    It’s hard to do these things alone”

  • Jack Saxton

    “Better make the right decision” -Sam Adams

  • Nicholas Incontrera

    ain’t nobody got time for that

  • Emmila

    When it doesn’t fit

  • Jack Saxton

    Are you sure this is the right hole?

  • Henry Rosalsky

    Its a trick question its the wrong cable.

  • Tim Johns

    Forget the HDMI cord, how can Tom Brady be such a good looking guy and such a great quarterback at the same time?

  • Luke Corrado

    When your DVR and chill session gets interrupted

  • Luke Corrado

    Tv only know one speed… one hunnad.

  • Sam Orazem

    1/9 chance of getting it right, of course not counting friction

  • Jakub Sudol

    When Netflix and Chill has lasted way too long.

  • Jakub Sudol

    Please send all problems and complaints to Thank you.

    -Sam Adams