AT THE BUZZER! Villanova wins 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship

4.7 seconds on the clock. Villanova ball.

UNC’s Marcus Paige just hit an incredibly tough shot to tie it at 74.

‘Nova brings it up the floor, finds Kris Jenkins open and he hits a three pointer as the clock expires. The Villanova Wildcats defeat UNC to win the 2016 Men’s Basketball National Championship. “Villanova’s win vs UNC will be remembered as the best title game ever.” – USA Today

“I think every shot is going in,” said Kris Jenkins, and this one was no different.” Jenkins finished with 14 points in the most memorable night of his life. ‘Nova had to take down 3 previous No.1 teams — Kansas, Oklahoma, and UNC to win the title.

Game Stats:

Field Goal %:

Nova: 58.3%

UNC: 42.9%

Three Point %:

Nova 57.1%

UNC: 64.7


Nova: 10

UNC: 11


Nova: 23

UNC: 36


Nova: Phil Booth – 20

UNC: Marcus Paige – 21

Josh Hart led Villanova in rebounds with 8 while Brice Johnson led the Tar Heels with 8 as well.

Villanova’s two seniors Ryan Arcidiacono and Daniel Ochefu have been the Cats’ leaders all season, and they will leave with a National Title.

It will go down as one of the most memorable shots in NCAA Tournament history. Watch it here:


As someone who’s grown up in a Villanova household my whole life, this moment couldn’t have been more memorable and emotional. Yes, UNC is a great team, but the Cats’ deserved this one. Go Cats!!!

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