Business Club Wristbands

The Business Club, started by Rob Rucki ’20 and Thomas Engel ’20, designed its own product called L1nkup.

Keycards are a huge part of a Blair student’s every day routine because they allow us to get into our dorms and to buy food from the Can. They’re also something that a lot of people forget to bring with them or lose.

Rob, Thomas, and the rest of the L1nkup team came up with a simple solution: they designed Blair-oriented wristbands that work just like a key card would. Their purpose is to make life at Blair more convenient without the hassle of needing a keycard.

I had the chance to interview Rob, and got his insight on how L1nkup started and how he and Thomas came up with the idea for the wristbands. They were trying to come up with a cool idea to try out, and “[they’d] seen the wristbands at Disney and thought why not bring the wristband idea to Blair and other boarding schools?”

Overall, deciding to do the project wasn’t that hard, but the logistics were. They had to figure out how the wristbands would work, which was even more complicated since the Can and the dorms operate on different systems. “It was really about communication” with the Business Office that led to the actual production of the device.

Once the logistics were sorted out, coming up with the prototype and finding a seller who “meshed with what [they] were looking for” happened relatively fast.

L1nkup also collaborated on a video with 302 Productions, run by Nate Castimore ’20 and Max O’Halloran ’19, that promoted the wristbands.

L1nkup is in pre-sales for the wristbands, which cost $25 each. Rob reassured me (since I bought a wristband) that for anyone buying them now, they are going to work next year as well.

L1nkup would like to have the whole school using them in the next few years, if not by next year. If Blair decides to invest in the wristbands, Rob said:

We’ll come up with some kind of way to compensate [people] for their early investment. If not, we’ll continue with individual sales like we’re doing right now and we’ll try to make it [cheaper for the school] to buy the wristbands in bulk.

I’m excited to have the wristbands activated next year. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you can contact Rob at or Thomas at

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Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott is a junior who enjoys embracing her creative writing styles that may not always be what is wanted in a typically structured English class.