Bucs: The Real Stormtroopers

Photo credit: Blair in the sky https://www.instagram.com/blairinthesky/


What do a zombie apocalypse, giant alien spiders and a Blair snow-day have in common? They’re all just myths.


Yesterday the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for the snowstorm that was heading towards the Northeast, including New Jersey. The prediction was that “the wind [will] gust around 40 MPH” and that “about 3 to 6 inches of snow is expected.” Facing this blizzard, the public schools in New York are getting the day off, and New Jersey state offices are closed for non-essential employees, not to mention that other private schools like Lawrenceville are taking a break from classes due to safety concerns from the severe weather.


Yet today, when we woke up to this “dangerous” world, we did not receive an email from the administration about a snow-day.


This was when I realized that the Blair Purge was not just an innocent game, but rather the admissions setting up a practice run for students to survive in extreme conditions like this. Because Blair Academy is a prestigious prep school: we prep for college, and also the apocalypse.


But we Buccaneers stayed strong. We endured the blizzard; we faced the wind; we continued to struggle on the path of education (literally). Last night our heroine Helen Mercedes ’18 wrote an email to Mr. Fortunato saying that “[Bucs] are more tropical storm/ hurricane type people” who are not meant to endure such brutal snow. Maybe she is right. But the plus side of this is that we survived. Unlike the weak ones at Lawrenceville, we didn’t yield, but we charged on.


Mr. Fortunato wrote to one student that he would “surprise [us] with the next [snow day/Headmaster’s holiday],” but for now, Blair’s stormtroopers can enjoy some winter weather activities. It will be a great chance to do some sledding in the bowl with your friends and adorable faculty kids. Go out this weekend and enjoy some snowy fun and ice skating!


Chriss Liu

Editor-In-Chief and Founder