Boy’s Soccerfest Cancelled?!?!

In a shocking series of events Boys’ Soccerfest has been cancelled by the North Warren Patriots. The press has contacted North Warren’s team but has so far not heard back. However, we had a source, who has asked to remain anonymous, claim that our 10-0 victory last year was enough to scare them away.

Additionally, the Parent Association of North Warren has been rumored to be discussing an addendum to the Geneva Convention in order to prevent another beatdown. While the parents and faculty from North Warren feel another defeat would not be in the Patriots’ best interest, both student bodies are still looking for a rematch.

A North Warren freshman expressed interest saying, “an 8-5 loss would be an interesting change.” Thomas Merkle (‘19) compared it to junk food which is overall unhealthy and “harmful to our skill set,” but is good to have “every once in awhile.”

Nevertheless, our Women’s Soccer Team has not beaten them by a wide enough margin yet but will have another chance this Saturday the 15th. Go out and support the Bucs (and hopefully maintain Blair’s fierce reputation on the soccer field).

(Copyright 2018 Ryan Green)

Ryan Green

Ryan Green is a senior at Blair Academy. He is a contributor and the Head Line Editor at the Oracle. As well as working with the Oracle he is a member of the Varsity Rowing team and Captain of the Model UN team.