Boys Dorms: More than Meets the Eye

The season for new dorms has begun. We gathered information about what it is like to live in each of the boy’s dorms. Here is some insight from the current residents of Flight Deck, Insley, West, Lakeside, Freeman and Mason:


Henry Min ’21: “We have a great group of guys and one of the only dorms that has three grade levels: seniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Most of us get along really well with the prefects.”

Jack Blanco ’21: “The rooms are pretty big and we have a bunch of guys who work well with each other. The location of Insley is also really nice since the dining hall is right under us.”

Flight Deck-

Will Thomas ’22: “At first it wasn’t necessarily…great. I thought that living in the ‘attic’ of Insley would confine us. But that ironically brought the dorm closer together.”


Aaron Armitage ’21: “Something special about West are the people living in it. The location of West is also amazing, with the dining hall and Bogle being really close, but the Can and gym being even closer and really easy to access.”

Shep Jernigan ’21: “I agree with Aaron. The boys do really make West what it is and it’s just really cozy overall which gives West a really great feel.”


Akoldah Gak ’21: “The bathrooms are phenomenal, the common room is really nice, and it’s just overall just a new and modern dorm. The real highlight of Lakeside is PJ’s room, which is HUGE, with a huge bathroom and shower for himself.”

Ethan McEachern ’21: “The bathrooms are some of the nicest on campus, and next year with the majority of the people in the dorm being juniors the dorm is gonna be really fun.”

Freeman/ Mason-

Matt Dev ’19: “I love the third floor stall with no lock on it.”

Jai Bakshi ’20: “Even though my first choice wasn’t to go to Freeman for junior year, it’s a lot better than I expected it to be. It kinda does look like a prison, but you get used to it after a while.”

A survey of 19 freshmen shows that the most favored dorm is Lakeside, followed by Insley, West, and Freeman/ Mason.

A survey of 14 sophomores also showed a strong preference for Lakeside.

It may be that many people chose based on dorm aesthetics. We urge you to not judge a dorm by its cover. We hope this article shows you that there is more to each dorm, and that you should consider the environment and specialities of each dorm.

(Copyright 2019 Akshar Aiyer)

Akshar Aiyer

Akshar Aiyer is a sophomore at Blair Academy. He has just started working for the Oracle