Book Club is Back

This year, the Blair book club has been restarted by Kendra Payne and Abigail Morris. In the last month, the club has finished its first book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. They held a thoughtful discussion about some of the themes and references in the book as well as the club’s reception and general interpretation of the dystopian novel. I wanted to find out more behind the motives for restarting this club and what Kendra and Abby hope will come out of it in the future, so I asked them a few questions.

Q: What inspired you to restart the book club?

A: “We love to read, and wanted to give the opportunity to other students to either express their own interests in reading, or to discover an interest in reading that is for pleasure.”

Q: What do you think is special about the Blair Book Club?

A: “We let the members choose the books we discuss each month, which allows for more variation and generates more interest in reading.”

Q: What books will the club be reading this year?

A: “We started with Ready Player One. For October, we are reading Crazy Rich Asians; for November, Murder on the Orient Express, and for December, Six of Crows.

Q: What is the book you most look forward to reading?

Abby: Six of Crows

Kendra: Crazy Rich Asians

Q: What do you most look forward to about this year?

A: “The discussions. Our first meeting was lots of fun, and we really enjoyed getting to talk to others and express opinions about what we are reading.”

Q: Do you think everyone else in the Book Club is looking forward to this year?

A: “We hope so. We let them choose whatever months they want to read the book, so there’s no pressure to read books that you have no interest in. We hope this makes people more open to joining and participating.”

Q: What do you plan on discussing about the books?

A: “We start with everyone’s opinions and favorite parts of the book. Then, we ask one of our discussion questions and see where the conversation leads us.”

Q: Do you think the club will succeed this year?

A: “Yeah. We’ve heard that our first book choice wasn’t the greatest, but people seem to be excited for the coming months and the other books we’re reading.”

Q: What is the best thing about book clubs in general?

A: “Being able to share the general love of reading with other people and discuss your thoughts with people who actually care.”

Q: Why should people join the Blair Book Club?

A: “Because we love sharing our passion of reading, and we hope to instill this passion in other people. It’s also very individually oriented, so if you have a specific book you want to read, we hope we can get around to it.”

If you are passionate about reading and discussing your favorite books the Blair Book Club is open to anyone! If you’re interested in joining, contact Kendra Payne or Abigail Morris at or

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Peyton Schreiber

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