Boo: A Halloween Story

To Jack Smith, my dearest friend,

I have a confession to make, and among all the others, you are the only one whom I truly trust with my all my heart. This terrible incident has been bothering me for days; I dare not eat nor sleep, for those ghastly images cannot leave me with a moment of peace. Indeed it takes me incredible courage to face the consequences that torture and haunt my mind and heart in the most dreadful ways, yet I don’t regret my actions. My dearest friend, what you are about to know might appear to be ridiculous since you know my benign nature, but it truly happened and I think you will soon realize that you must–and will– believe me.

Let me be clear that it did not happen accidentally— in fact, I had been planning it for quite a while. I have been fairly close to this friend of mine. He is a well raised gentlemen, as benevolent and lovable as I am. I honor him with all my heart. I admire his thoughts and passions for they inspire beauty in my life and bring me incredible joy. His companion lets my heart glow with a fervor to conquer all fear of danger or death. Yet I am not quite sure if he honored me in the same way. So I tested him. Unfortunately, he had never regarded me as his greatest friend. It tortures me to insanity to set free such wonderful friendship. Thus I thought of a brilliant way to preserve it permanently.

That late afternoon I showed up at his house, without him noticing me, and I walked into the kitchen. It was dark inside and the air was thickened to the point that it was hard to breath. I saw light squeezing out of an almost-closed door, and my dearest friend was in there. As I walked towards him silently, I grabbed a knife from the kitchen table. I remember how I thrust the knife into his body and started to use it to draw circles around his heart. He tried to stop me.I covered his eyes so that he wouldn’t see me. As he screamed more frantically, I twisted the knife with greater power, until eventually his heart was exposed fully in front of me. I pulled his heart out so that it would always be with me as my company.

Finally he lay on the ground, dead. Yes, you laid on your ground, dead, with your heart in my hands. So yes, my dearest friend, it was me who conducted such a hideous crime. It tortured my heart to hide such thing from you. Yet you left me no choice. From now on, we are inseparable among the living and the dead.

From your dearest friend,

Jack Smith

(Copyright 2016 Chriss Liu)

Chriss Liu

Editor-In-Chief and Founder