Blair’s Picnic

Going to Picnic, a production put on by the Blair Academy Players, was a delightful way spend your Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Ms. McMillan did a fantastic job in directing the play, developing the characters extremely well, overseeing a beautiful set, and casting just about the perfect, all-star cast. I found myself enjoying every minute of this delightfully written play with all of its humor, meaning, and heartfelt storyline. The actors did a great job of keeping the audience on their toes with their cleverly delivered jokes and remarks. Just when I thought that the Blair Academy players couldn’t get any better, they did.

The actors involved in this production were truly talented in their delivery of this play. Jane Fitzpatrick, a sophomore playing the role of Millie Owens, gave a truly amazing performance in her part of the tomboyish female. She was witty, fun to watch, and captivating. Haley Callahan, also a sophomore playing Millie’s sister Madge Owens, was fitting for her role of the town’s bombshell. She was poised and beautiful, gracing the stage for the audience to see. Harry Moore, a sophomore playing the role of Hal Carter, was truly great for the role, adding a humorous and fun element to every scene he was in. Charlie Stafford, sophomore playing the role of Alan Seymour, continued his legacy on the Blair stage with an amazing performance. In his last scene, he nearly brought the audience to tears with his performance. Some of the other very memorable actors were Bri Annunciata ’16, who played Rosemary in a funny but deep role, Sela Britton ’16, who played the role of Helen Potts in a truly great performance, Daiden Kent ’18, playing Bomber in a role that made people laugh each time he came on stage, Maria Ngugi ’18, playing Irma Kronkite, and Morgen Williard ’16, playing Christine Schoenwalder. A very special congratulations to the two captivating seniors, Tyler Brooks and Jenna Sanborn. They both made their roles truly their own and helped to make the play so special for the cast and everyone watching. They will me missed sorely next year, but this is a high note to go out on. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Picnic! Special thanks for Director McMillan for everything she did to help this play take place. It was truly an enjoyable experience. 

(Copyright Siena Tipton 2015)