Halloween is fast approaching. Although it is easy to simply think of Halloween as a day to dress up and eat candy, people should know the origins behind this exciting day!

To give some insight into Halloween, its start is rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to scare the ghosts away. In the eighteenth century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1st as a time to commemorate all saints, and this day progressively began to embed some traditions from Samhain. The evening before this holiday was known as Hollows Eve, and this name was eventually shortened to Halloween. Likewise, the traditions and culture behind this day evolved over time, yet the spirit and excitement behind it has remained the same.

At Blair, students and faculty accommodate a wide range of activities to celebrate Halloween. The weekend before Halloween, there is a haunted house hosted by the Underclass Council. On Halloween morning, students and faculty show up to class dressed in their costumes. It is really exciting to look around and see what everyone else dressed up as. Some people dress up as a group and others dress up individually. Preceding dinner, there is a trick-or-treat for faculty children around the Blair Campus, and later, they parade across the dining hall, while students and faculty cheer alongside. Throughout dinner, there is a costume contest where the Class Councils decide who wore the best costume. Finally, on the weekend following Halloween, there is a Halloween Dance.

At Blair, students can easily get involved and enjoy the Halloween spirit! Get going with choosing your costume!




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Shauna Kwag


Shauna Kwag is a senior editor at Blair Academy. She hopes to integrate her interest in poetry, languages, and sports into her work.