Blair Students take on Washington D.C.

For two days this past week eleven Blair Students had the opportunity to attend the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington DC. Everyone got to listen to many politicians and entrepreneurs tell what they think about what is going on around the globe today. Some notable people that spoke were Senator John McCain, former Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and many more. In total there were more than 50 speakers! This was a cool, unique opportunity for Blair students.

A popular topic among the speakers was the upcoming presidential elections. Many were able to get a laugh out of saying what they thought about one of the Republican front-runners, Donald Trump. On a more interesting note, Joe Biden, who hasn’t joined the presidential race, was brought up just as much as the other Democratic nominees. At this point it is hard to tell who will be the nominees for each respective party.

So many public figures at the forum had innumerable opinions on how the country should be run, what’s going on in the Middle East, and what needs to be done to improve our country for future generations. There were representatives from the Republican and Democratic parties, and the spectrum of opinion was wide, even between those in the same party. James Bennet, an Atlantic Monthly Magazine reporter, described the situation in the Middle East as “a rubik’s cube that doesn’t have a solution.” Politicians in Washington must be able to come up with solutions even when there isn’t one.

After the first day of the forum Blair students got to meet an interviewer for the Atlantic named Mary Louise Kelly. Being the only high school group there, she wanted to know what we thought of the forum. She was very glad that we had the opportunity to come even though we were the youngest people to attend. She told us that it was very important to meet as many people as we could whenever we had the chance. The more people you know the easier it is to have connections and get cool opportunities that often lead to good jobs.

All of the students that attended had an awesome time and really enjoyed all of the speakers. Who knows? Maybe one of us will be one of the speakers at the Washington Ideas Forum someday.

(Copyright 2015 August Will) (Photo from The Atlantic)