Blair Spirit and Soccerfest

From my past experiences at Blair, I’ve come to realize that school spirit at Blair is very interesting, in that there is either very little school spirit at sporting events or an incredible amount of it. I have found it that there is almost always no in between. I really love to embrace that school pride, which is why my two favorite sporting events are Soccerfest and Peddie Day. These are really the only two times where everyone really comes together as a school and bonds over one common athletic goal: to beat North Warren and Peddie. Sadly, however, this past weekend was my last Soccerfest; this was the last time I was able to slap on face paint with friends, take silly photos, then load into buses and drive less than three minutes up the road to hopefully beat North Warren. But, I must say, this was one of the best Soccerfests I have ever experienced, and it was a great way to finish off the start of my senior year.

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For one, this year I participated in storming the bleachers, and to top it off, seniors got to lead the run. Running amongst the seniors with the rest of the school following was such a surreal moment that I wouldn’t take back for anything. Then, of course, watching the game was so much fun. Blair took the lead with 2 goals within the first five minutes of the game, which was awesome. This year I paid extra attention and enjoyed watching Enzo getting the soccer ball around defenders and Mike saving some of the most incredible goals. One thing that stood out to me the most, however, were all of the students. Usually, toward the end of the second half, Blair students have lost interest in the soccer game and even begin walking back to the busses early. This year, everyone stayed until the buzzer rang, and together stormed the field to meet our soccer players and celebrate their victory. These are the moments that I will forever cherish at Blair. I’m so happy that school spirit seems to have gotten better with each year at Blair, and I can’t wait to see how incredible it will become in a few years when I hopefully come back for events like Soccerfest and Peddie Day.

(Copyright 2015 Shadae Tingman) (Photo Copyright Tyson Trish, Photography Teacher)