Blair Prom

Prom. Perhaps the most anticipated night of one’s high school career. Whether you are expecting it to be like a number from High School Musical, or to be spending the night at the punch bowl wishing you were catching up on some Netflix, the weeks leading up to prom are extremely nerve racking. Who’s asking who? Are they going as a couple, or as friends? What if I just went stag? And then once you think you know who you want to go with, you’ve still got to “prompose.” Of course, if you go to a public school, you can “prompose” anyway you like; however, being stuck at a campus in a town composed of primarily barber shops requires some level of creativity. Thankfully, Blair has had some great “promposals” that are personal enough to repeat without causing a total case of déjà vu:

  1. Study Hall Serenade: Gather up a group of buddies and sing your date a song that will have him or her wishing you two could slow dance on the spot.
  2. In between class quick ask: Got sticky notes? Place them anywhere that you can quickly show your potential date while they make the dash from Clinton to Bogle: in an umbrella, on the sketchpad of the statue outside Timkin, or around The Arch? Anywhere will do.
  3. Ask and crafts: Though we may not have all the materials in the world available to us, the school store does have markers and poster board. What sport does he or she play? Got a dumb pun about it? If yes, looks like you have a prom date.
  4. Can Candy: The can is always a totally easy place to pick up a bag of something sweet for your sweetheart. A pack of reese’s and a “be the chocolate to my peanut butter,” or writing out prom on a bottle of coke, so the words appears as one drinks it. All low key, but still very thoughtful.
  5. Just ask: Although the idea of doing something extreme is fun, sometimes a simple ask is the perfect way to go. Besides, the main focus of prom should be having a great night when the time comes, not the weeks leading up to it.

(Copyright Hannah Ochtera 2015)