Blair Completes Independent School Health Check Survey


This past October, Blair Academy issued a school-wide survey for students, in which 455 participants answered questions regarding sexual health, substance use, stress, sleep, and academic honesty. The data provided by the survey will help the  administration work to cultivate a healthier and safer environment for students. The Oracle is publishing the findings from the survey in a series of articles that further elucidate and provide context for the data.

The survey was administered by the Independent School Health Check (ISHC), a program developed by professional psychologists with input from independent school administrators and counselors. The data collected from this survey has been examined in student focus groups and field tested.

Schools that use the survey can compare their students to the ISHC National Database of 55,000+ independent school students, as well as to state and national results acquired by the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The questions featured in the survey were based on a 30 day recall (no major breaks other than one Monday off) and compared to national averages from independent day and boarding schools. When reading the data it is important to recognize that a 1-2 percentage point difference between Blair and national averages are normal deviations, and thus they are statistically insignificant. Overall,  95% of students reported being either completely honest (60%) or mostly honest (35%) in taking this.

In the coming days, The Oracle will be running articles on the data collected on sexual health, stress, sleep, and substance use at Blair. Each article will bring its own perspective to better contextualize the raw numbers.

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