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NEW YORK CITY – Close to 50 members of the Blair Community were bused to New York City Tuesday, November 10th on a field trip led by faculty members: Kate Sykes (Head of the Arts Department and Ceramics), Tyson Trish (Photography), Andee Ryerson (Art History), and Wendy Schiller (Video).

MoMA Exhibit - photo by Felix Ingla
MoMA Exhibit – photo by Felix Ingla

A group of students from AP Art History spent the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met). There were many exhibits, including those on Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Medieval, Contemporary, and Ancient Near-Eastern Art. Abby Bodner (‘16), an Art History student, said afterwards:

The New York City art trips are definitely one of my favorite activities during the year. The highlight of my visit to the Met today was definitely the medieval exhibit. Now, after having a better understanding through AP Art History, it was really cool to look at some pieces that I may not have appreciated before.

The rest of the students started their day at the Museum of Modern Art (The MoMA). All who spent time at the MoMA were fortunate enough to view the extraordinary Picasso exhibit. This was a great experience for everyone, but there was still more to see. The MoMA had plenty for students of every art class, including three different photography exhibits, an expansive design based exhibit, and more.

Mr. Trish’s photography class left the MoMA right before lunch and spent the rest of the day taking pictures in Central Park. “It was nice,” said Felix Ingla (‘16), an AP Photo student, in reference to the change of scenery that allowed the students to shoot in a different environment than what they are used to at Blair.

Mr Trish talked briefly after we returned to Blair: “Art is not created in a vacuum, it is the result of our life experiences. On Tuesday [Blair students] had the unique opportunity to be inspired by the work of renowned artist Pablo Picasso and then walk the streets of New York hunting for interesting and new moments that drive city life.”

It was both a fun and educational day for everyone who went on the trip.

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Jack Saxton

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