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As a way to celebrate hard-working student artists, Blair’s Art Department created the “Art Stars” presentation. The inaugural slideshow was presented at a Friday School Meeting in early November, and featured the works of artists from various grades and art classes.

Clare Grant ’19 is a photography student who was named an Art Star. She recounted that although her interest in photography began when she was younger, she fell in love with the artform after taking photography classes at Blair. This year, Clare is focusing on long exposure with light trails in Mr. Trish’s Art Portfolio course. Clare shares that she captured her striking image using a device called an intervalometer, which, she explained, “allows you to take photos continuously or single photos over a period of time without you having to touch your camera.” She set up a tripod in her car and programmed her camera for a 3 second exposure, taking a picture whenever she passed a group of cars.

Another student of Mr. Trish’s, Emily Neuffer ’19, had two of her images recognized. She created her portrait (left) for an assignment in Digital Advanced photography. For the assignment, students were asked to devise a unique way to photograph a subject using the photography studio. Emily decided to include shadows in portraits. Her project was inspired by a tutorial she found online, which she personalized by using household objects like doilies and spatulas to cast intricate shadows on her subject’s face.

A detailed drawing of Blair’s Timken Library by Ashley Dai ’21 was also featured. When asked what inspired her work, Ashley replied, “the library has many diverse perspectives and I wanted to take on a challenge.” Ashley is currently a student in Mr. Thomas’ Advanced Drawing class.

Art Star Marty Dericks ’22 shared that she has been interested in art since she was in elementary school. In her first semester at Blair, she is taking Intro to Graphic Arts, taught by Mr. Hanson. She and her classmates were prompted to incorporate a certain word into a scene that represented it. Marty illustrated the word “calm” in her piece.

Sculpture by Art Star, Tanner Humphrey ’19 for his AP Portfolio:

When asked about the selection process for Art Stars, Fine Arts Department Chair Mrs. Sykes explained, “Some teachers will give recognition to students who have worked particularly hard on a… piece or to shed light on some of the great risk taking, creativity, and use of materials that our students are endeavoring in. “An unforeseen, but fortuitous advantage” of presenting Art Stars at School Meeting, Mrs. Sykes continued, “is that it will also give students who are considering an art course an idea of the types of things students will be working on in a given class.”

An exciting addition to School Meetings, the Art Department plans to recognize its students on a weekly basis.

Our most recent Art Stars are Justin Leung, Fayre Smith, Elizabeth Negvesky, Helena Frawley, Zoe Affron, and Carson Honor

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