The Best Ever Excuse for Missing Class at Blair

“The Best ____ Ever” is a new Oracle series about the best aspects of life at Blair. 

Victoria Crow ’20: “I was sick *cough cough.”


John Zoetjes ’19:I thought it was a different block and I ran all the way over there and then had to come all the way back.” 


Niall Sheridan ’19: “Too cold to go outside.” 


Simar Anand ’21 and Henry Min ’21:I didn’t want to go.” 


Andrew Jenkins ’21: I have the stomach bug.”


Jasmine Mustafa ’19:Sorry, my shoe fell off on the way here.” 


Hunter Hall ’19:I was innovating and collaborating.” 


Oscar Saxton ’20:I don’t like French.” 


Matt Dev ’19: “I got mugged by a bunch of deer.”


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The Oracle Staff