Beat Peddie

Peddie day is an exciting tradition that Blair shares with its students every fall. Sports teams compete with The Peddie School throughout the day, and the winner is determined according to the overall score. Despite the fact that Blair is always better, we have not won Peddie day since the fall of 2014. It is quite unfortunate that Peddie day is in the fall since most students would agree that Blair would win in both winter and spring seasons. If Blair loses again, the Senior Class will never experience a win against Peddie. Students are therefore eager to beat Peddie this fall, especially for the seniors.

What students should be aware of is that every team matters, as each team will contribute equal points in beating Peddie. Every team deserves the support and cheering of students, not just the popular teams. Not only students who take part in sports, but the students without a team sport can also embody the Blair spirit in many ways to showcase their school spirit. Before Peddie day, Blair has a variety of events to offer.

The week ahead of Peddie day, Peddie week, is full of activities that get the students into the Peddie day mindset. Every day of the week has its own theme and dress code. Some examples are Blair gear day and twin day. By dressing according to the theme, students often feel refreshed from the mundane school day attire. On Thursday, students charge to Sharpe house to celebrate the big day with Mr. Fortunato. On Friday, a pep rally is held, where students and faculty perform skits they have practiced throughout the week. During the pep rally, the winner of the banner-making contest is announced. Following the pep rallies is the big event: the bonfire.  

There seems to be a repeated pattern in students’ opinions on the bonfire each year. So I decided to share a student’s opinion:

Jasmine Mustafa (‘19):

I remember watching the “Peddie Eve” bonfire my freshman year and just being in awe of the tradition that’s lived for decades. It was so enlightening to watch all the seniors light the bonfire with their torches. They sparked the energy in the student body with this torch parade, making me picture myself in the future, thinking “wow, that’ll be me one day.” Yup, now I’m here three years later, thinking about the torch I’ll be carrying in four weeks. For safety reasons though, the bonfire has been getting smaller and smaller every year by the fire department’s request. It almost didn’t happen for the seniors last year! I couldn’t imagine waiting for your whole Blair career to carry your torch, just to get it taken away. Luckily, the tradition lived on, but the bonfire definitely was not as big as the one my freshman year. The weather was the culprit of our convocation walk almost getting completely canceled this year. All I can hope is that the weather cooperates and we get to carry our torches to the bonfire. Fingers crossed. Stay lit.

Hopefully, Blair comes out with a big bonfire to get the students going for Peddie day.     

Senior pranks at Blair are also done over Peddie week, and the seniors plan to complete the task throughout the entire week. The pranks are prepared overnight. One example of a Senior prank was when the seniors wrapped Saran Wrap® all over campus, blocking pathways, entrances, and such. Finally, the Senior Class Council prepares a cookout for the student body. It is a time for students to bond and share their stories.

Although not consistent, there are occasional traditions during the Peddie week. From time to time, West hall has a speaker playing pirate music, encouraging Blair spirit as Buccaneers. The different traditions are what make Peddie day so exhilarating and fun. For a full Peddie day experience, I strongly advise that all students become involved in Peddie week.

Lastly, don’t forget to support Blair by wearing this year’s Peddie day gear!

(Copyright 2018 Joseph Min)

Joseph Min

Joseph Min is a Junior from South Korea.