Battle of the Thomases

Are you confused by the fact that there are two Mr. Thomases teaching this year? The Oracle is here to help!

This is Matt Thomas.
This is Evan Thomas.

Who was here first?

MT: I was the first Mr. Thomas to arrive  on campus, but Evan was the first teacher Mr. Thomas.

ET: I am, in fact, the original Mr. Thomas.


What class do you teach?

MT: Western Civilization and US History.

ET: Drawing/Painting and Meaning & Media.    


Where are you from?

MT: I grew up in a Navy family so I was born in Mobile, Alabama, and then moved to San Diego. I lived there until the   middle of 1st grade. Then I moved to St. Augustine, Florida.

ET: I was born in the Philly suburbs, West Chester, Pennsylvania. My family moved to Lancaster during my senior year of of high school. I was very upset.


Pencils! No. 2 or mechanical?

MT: No. 2. I’m a traditionalist.

ET: No. 2. But I personally use the art ones without the erasers.


What do you do in your spare time?

MT: I like to watch movies- good movies of any genre. My favorite is Joe vs the Volcano, which is about a man who finds out he has a brain tumor, so he goes off to sail and enjoy life.

ET: I love listening to music. Everything: R&B, Drake, Tame Impala.


What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

MT: Life cereal.

ET: It’s a toss-up between Honeycomb and Golden Grahams.


What did you do this summer?

MT: This summer, much like Joe, I took   off in May on board a big square-rigged sailing ship called the Picton Castle. I sailed from Charleston to Bermuda, to Boston, to Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia. I learned how to traditionally sail a square-rigged ship.

ET: I moved. I painted. I did some wedding photography. Mrs. Thomas [Blair’s new school counselor] and I started to baby-ready the apartment.


What is your favorite cartoon?

MT: F is for Family on Netflix.

ET: Nickelodeon, especially Rugrats.


What’s your secret talent?

MT: I’m really good at guessing what    time it is within 5 minutes. [EDITORS’  NOTE: We have tested and verified this.]

ET: I have a few talents, but none of them are secrets.


What was your biggest fear as a kid?

MT: I was afraid of the dark.  

ET: I was pretty fearless as a kid.


What were your best and worst purchases?

MT: My best purchase happened when I moved from Orlando to D.C. In Orlando,  I lived with guys from my band, and it  was a pigsty. So I decided I was going to rent a one-room apartment all by myself. And my worst purchase was a pair of settees, which are two-seater couches. They were the most uncomfortable things ever. Ms. Freitag made me get rid of them after we started dating.

ET: My best purchase was my first DSLR camera. And my worst purchase was a new battery for a run-down car.


Over or under for toilet paper?

MT: Over.

ET: Over.


Who is your favorite historical figure?

MT: Lord Horatio Nelson.

ET: Fredrick Douglas.


Do you have pets and what are their names?

MT: My two greyhounds are named Nellie and Dobby (yes, like Dobby from Harry Potter). When we adopted them, their foster names were Brenda and Pablo Cruise.

ET: My dog is named Riley, and he is a border collie.


What was your childhood nickname?

MT: Dude.

ET: Ev.


Apple or Android?

MT: Apple.

ET: Apple.


Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

MT: No, but I did have a tiger floaty  named Tuna.

ET: I had multiple.


What’s the worst thing you did as a kid?  

MT: When I was six, my best friend Daniel’s mom had a convertible,  and one day we decided we wanted to turn it into a swimming pool. We took a hose and started filling it up. His mom found us half an hour later, and I ran    away and Daniel took the blame.

ET: I always had very good intentions and loved teaching people, and I to teach my sister how to ride a bike. My father taught me by letting go and running beside me. I took my sister to the top of a very steep hill, and just let her go. Good intentions though.


If you could have a superpower, what would you pick?

MT: Mind control.

ET: Teleportation.


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The Oracle Staff