Why Do Bad Things Happen

Why Do Bad Things Happen

April 16

by Paige Flannery

bad things happen because sometimes even angels have bad days.

not because the world is so cruel,

but because sometimes Happiness forgets to take her prozac before work,

and she isn’t as optimistic as she’s supposed to be.

and sometimes even Love gets in a fight with her boyfriend and is too upset to focus on her job.

sometimes even Beauty doesn’t have time to do her hair or her makeup and appears slightly less radiant than usual.

and sometimes Kindness doesn’t have time for her morning cup of coffee

and isn’t as perky as she usually is.

sometimes even Health gets a cold and can’t make it to work that day, or that week, or that month, or that year.

sometimes Life accidentally bumps into Death on the subway

even though their boss has specifically organized for them to avoid each other.

and every once in awhile, one of these angels will get tired of long work days

and they will quit their job.

and for a little while it seems like the brownstones have lost their charm

and the songs playing in the coffee shop have lost their rhythm

and the grass has lost its greenness and the pizza that you love so much has lost it’s usual satisfaction.

sometimes an angel quits, and for that period of time, everything seems to be broken.

but the angels always come back because their boss offers a raise

and their freedom filled days become boring

and also because they begin to miss the job they love so much.

but mostly, the angels come back because they love you.


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