Author Marina Antropow Cramer Visits Society of Skeptics

On Tuesday, September 25, at 7:00 PM, at the CIC, Blair will be holding the second Society of Skeptics. This week’s speaker is Marina Antropow Cramer. Ms. Cramer was born in post-war Germany in a family of refugees from the Soviet Union. As an author, Ms. Cramer communicates through her novel the series of events that led her family to make the decision to leave their homeland. She will talk about the challenges that refugees had to go though in post-war Germany.

“I wanted to understand how people make that decision to leave everything they know, despite extreme deprivation, persecution, constant exposure to danger, the loss of loved ones, separation and daily uncertainty about their future,” Ms. Cramer said. Ms. Cramer and her family’s hardships as labor camp workers introduce a different perspective that the audience may have not known much about before. Ms. Cramer gives voice to ordinary Russians, a group of victims that historically have not received much attention for the hardships they faced during WWII. She will also talk about the process of writing her novel Roads.

Ms. Cramer hopes to introduce a perspective that not many people are familiar with. She hopes to raise awareness on how the historical events during WWII affected ordinary people. If you want to learn more about Ms. Cramer’s experience and the lives of ordinary people in WWII, please attend the Society of Skeptics this week!

(Copyright 2018 Joseph Min)

Joseph Min

Joseph Min is a Junior from South Korea.