Artist Profile: Zoe Martin

A new batch of freshmen have arrived and among them, there is an artist: Zoe Martin.  Ever since she was a little girl, she painted as a hobby and she plans to continue doing so at Blair. 

Alex Bean: When did you start making art and why?

Zoe Martin: I started drawing ever since I was little at about 4 years old. I had nothing else to do because my mom was always out on business trips. My babysitters didn’t really know what to do with me because they were from foreign countries so I drew to pastime.

AB: Do you have styles that you prefer?

ZM: I like drawing realistic or surreal paintings or pictures. Those two styles have always been my thing. I’ve tried animated art before but I’ve never liked it so I just stick to realist and surreal styles.

AB: What is the best piece you’ve made?

ZM: I can’t decide because I keep on improving. Many of my drawings are doodles but I think that my version of doodling is different from what most people call doodling.

AB: So what do you consider doodling?

ZM: I think the definition of doodling is mindless drawing or…scribbling but my doodles have a thought and a concept behind [them].

AB: Do you have an artist that you look up to?

ZM: I love Monet. He shows a lot of texture in his paintings but I also like Bob Ross. He has more depth and perspective in his paintings. They have different art styles but I think if you put those two together, you would get the perfect oil painting. I just think that oil paintings are so cool.

AB: Where do you see yourself in art in the future?

ZM: I don’t see myself being a professional artist but I want to see myself being proud of my artwork. As an artist, you’re constantly critiquing yourself on where you need to improve, what you need to get better at, ways that other people are better than you, what you should focus on more. To get the details, to get the realism, to get the surrealism, to get the perspective, to get the depth, to get the textures.

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Alex Bean

Alex Bean is a freshman from Shanghai. He, as a writer, he hopes to deliver a variety of new insights into Blair.