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Priscilla Sharma ’20 is a junior who took 2D-Art for the first time this fall semester. Art has been a major passion in her life, and taking this class allowed her to explore her creativity and improve her skills. She was also featured as an Art Star this December for her work. I recently interviewed her in order to learn more about her interests and perspectives in art.

Evelyn Sharma: What do you enjoy most about art?

Priscilla Sharma: How calming and peaceful it is. I can spend hours just sitting or painting or drawing something. I find it to be a really creative and engaging way to destress during school.

ES: Why did you chose to do Studio Art this year?

PS: I knew junior year was going to be very stressful, and I wanted to take a class that I would  have fun in.

ES: Where do you find inspiration for your art?

PS: Mostly in nature. I love looking at landscapes and capturing them in my art. Other than landscapes, I also find a lot of inspiration in people. Specifically, I love drawing faces, and the way you can convey emotion.

ES: When did art become an interest for you?

PS: Probably when I was around seven or eight when my mom put me in art classes during the summer, and I discovered how fun and challenging art can be.

ES: How does art fit into your everyday life?

PS: Art is always somehow involved in my day. Well I would say there’s not a day that goes by in which I don’t draw something; whether it’s doodles in class, in-depth sketching during 2D Art, or just messing around whenever I have time. Other than actually drawing, any time I see inspiration during the day, I mentally bookmark it to incorporate in my art later.

ES: What is a piece that you enjoyed making the most, and why?

PS: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite piece, but I especially loved making my watercolor pieces and plain pencil sketches. Watercolor is such an interesting medium to use because it has a mind of its own, and somehow always looks gorgeous in the end. Plain sketching with a pencil was always a simple and fun way to draw something, and I loved the messy, organic look it had to it.

ES: Would you recommend 2D Art to students at Blair?

PS: Absolutely, the class is such a fun way to express yourself creatively.

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Evelyn Sharma

Evelyn Sharma is a junior and writer for the Oracle whose passions include music, reading, art, and anything else you can express yourself creatively through.