Artist Profile- Irene Jung

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Irene Jung ’21 is a junior from Bundang, South Korea. She has a passion and talent for art and has produced many amazing pieces. From a young age, Irene was introduced to the world of art, in which she had opportunities to develop her skills and find her style. The Oracle’s Crystal Le ’23 interviewed her to learn more about her experience. 


Crystal Le: When and why did you start creating art?

Irene Jung: I started creating art in third grade. I was in a mandatory art class at my old school in Korea. In the beginning, I wasn’t interested in art. But the more I drew and made art, the more I became interested in it.


CL: Do you think art plays a role in our society and in the world? 

IJ: Art is a way for everyone around the world to communicate, as there is no language barrier. Art allows people to express aspects of themselves, like their personalities, stories, and opinions.


CL: Where do you get your inspiration from? Who in the art world do you look up to?

IJ: I often get my inspiration from Instagram, mainly Korean artists like and hyunpeach_.

I admire the artists Sam Cox and Amandine Urruty. I love how spontaneous and creative Sam Cox’s artwork is. I first saw Amandine Urruty’s artwork online when I was looking for an inspirational artist, and I loved the weird vibe that her work gives. Her drawings are so detailed, smooth, and fantastical. 


CL: Do you consider art as your future career?

IJ: No, I don’t think that art will be my career. For me, art is a way to de-stress. I draw when I feel overloaded with work. 


CL: What do you like and dislike about your work?

IJ: Usually, I take inspiration from other artists while finding my own artistic style. For paintings, I like using a mixture of colors and applying different textures/brush strokes depending on what type of paint I am using. But I am more into the theme or message of a specific piece than the technique or the visual outcome of my art.  


CL: What are your favorite styles and mediums to use?

IJ: I like using acrylic because it creates an abstract look. I also like watercolor because it is easy to show soft textures. As for styles, I like doing realistic drawings using soft, pastel colors.


CL: What is your art process?

IJ: I start an art piece by taking references from pictures on Instagram, Google, or from photos I take. Then, I make my outline in pencil, and add basic colors to it. Next, I add details. 


CL: How long does it usually take you to finish one piece?

IJ: It takes me a really long time to finish one piece because I am a slow drawer. I’m a perfectionist and I’m afraid of making mistakes. 

The piece that took me the longest to finish was a perspective sketch of Annie Hall, which I completed over the course of two months. The bricks are very detailed, and I find it hard to work with perspective.  

Perspective sketch of Annie Hall


CL: Can you tell me about your art classes so far at Blair?

IJ: I plan to take art classes for all four years at Blair. In my freshman year, I took 2D Art 1, this year I’m taking Art Portfolio, and next year I will take AP Portfolio. My art teacher, Mr. Thomas, is very encouraging and supportive when I struggle with my work. I like the class because I get to experiment with lots of different mediums. 


CL: Can you tell me a bit about this painting you did of a flamingo?

IJ: I painted this over the summer during an art class I took when I went back to Korea. It was my first time drawing something realistic with watercolors.

Painting of a flamingo


CL: How about this piece with the hamsters?

IJ: I really like hamsters. Back in sixth grade, I had a pet hamster that lived for two years. I remember going on vacation and when I got back home it was gone. I also like using scratchboards to draw, so I just combined two things that I like into one piece.  

Scratchboard drawing of hamsters


Irene has strengthened her art skills exponentially at Blair. 


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