The Art Reception: Mr. Bennett Bean

As stated in my review, Mr. Bennett Bean is quite an impressive character in the art world. The Romano Gallery was packed full of art students, fans, and friends of Mr. Bean as he eloquently described his works. The crowd went wild as he cracked irreverent jokes describing his reaction to accidents. The main theme of questions asked were on Bean’s colors and process. A Blair student asked why he used so much red throughout his pieces and he responded with, “I love the color red. Red! When I finish a piece, I think, “Oh! that could be red.”” Mr. Bean is known for his spontaneity and seduction when it comes to art, describing his process as having “No set idea. Not thinking about the future or color.” He brought a fun loving and young spirited joy to a form of culture dating thousands of years old. Mr. Bean’s works were greatly appreciated from a variety of people and students alike. It was a meaningful and enjoyable event. We hope to see Mr. Bean’s pieces back again at Blair for another event.

(Copyright 2017 Ethan Huang)

Ethan Huang

Crew Athlete and Art Appreciator. Ethan is a graduate of the class of 2020.