Another Year

Another Year

By Nia Henry


She was just a girl who had turned sixteen,

Another year passing by.

Oh you wouldn’t believe what she had seen,

All with the naked eye.


It was just her normal average day,

The sun was shining bright.

The birds singing out, what they would say,

Then taking off with a fright.


From light to dark and good to bad,

The day had taken a turn.

Her father came in with his face all mad,

Her eyes had started to burn.


At last! At last! The secret was out!

Others would finally see.

She gave her last and final shout,

For she had paid the fee.


She knew all along that this was her fate,

but hoped it wouldn’t near.

But time ran out, ‘n’ it was too late,

There wouldn’t be one more year.

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