The Oracle Joins the Interscholastic Journalism Confederation


For Release September 2016

Dedicated to the ideals of cooperation amongst high school journalists and newspapers, The Blair Oracle, The Contour, The Hill News, and The Hun Mall are proud to announce the joint inauguration of the Interscholastic Journalism Confederation (ISJC).

The Interscholastic Journalism Confederation is committed to supporting and facilitating a collaborative environment among high school newspapers and to building strong relationships among individual journalists in the hopes of catalyzing their early careers. It is as important as ever to maximize the dissemination of knowledge, especially as exposure to opposing viewpoints and alternate perspectives take on a more important role in fostering global citizenship. Additionally, with the rise of technology as the preferred medium for the consumption of information, it is possible to reach a wider audience, and we should seek to do so. With these missions in mind, the Interscholastic Journalism Confederation will give new meaning to journalistic collaboration and provide for an increase in opportunity for student journalists.

Though governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one representative from each member institution and a chair elected by that same board, the ISJC is designed to function without significant oversight. Member newspapers submit articles for syndication as per the ISJC Charter and those same papers are at liberty to republish any articles available on the ISJC platform in their own publication(s).

It is with the goal of transparency that the mission and function of the ISJC is laid out here in this press release, and it is with great excitement that the four founding institutions inaugurate this organization as a joint extension of their individual endeavors, and that we, the editorial board of The Blair Oracle announce our ISJC membership.

We, The Oracle, hope that this endeavor will encourage you, the Blair community, to consider what you would like to share with a wider audience. We are open and excited to hear your ideas and proposals:


The Oracle Staff