Almost, Maine

The last Blair theatre production of the 2014-2015 school year, directed my Mr. Evans, premiered Thursday the 14th, and was performed again both Friday and Saturday night. This play was unique in that it was rehearsed to be performed in the Robert J. Evans Open Air Theatre, located alongside the lake behind the new dormitory construction sites. The weather cooperated on Thursday and Friday and the performances were done as planned in the outdoor theatre, but Saturday the forecast predicted rain, so the play was moved indoors and performed on the Dubois stage. Despite the last minute change of location, the play went on and was said to be great.

Another unique aspect of Almost, Maine is that the plot consists of multiple storylines. The play focuses on the lives of ten different character pairs, each struggling with romance on a cold, winter night in the not yet organized town of Almost, Maine. The characters find themselves falling in love- and in some cases, out of love. According to multiple sources, the cast of Almost, Maine did a phenomenal job. The play was said to be funny, well coordinated, and overall well done.

Highlights included Kendall Slocum being hit over the head multiple times with an ironing board, several kissing scenes, and Lauren Tung and Sean Callahan ripping off multiple endless layers of clothes onstage. Freshman Chris Liu commented, “My favorite part was Corinne, but the whole cast did an amazing job putting the show together!” Fellow freshman Maria Ngugi said, “The lines were delivered very well and the play was great!” Mr. Merrifield admitted that his favorite part was definitely watching Ty Cotton and Andrew Parsons rolling around in the dust, and that he really enjoyed the play. Everyone who performed in the play did an outstanding job and should be very proud. Well done, cast of Almost Maine!


Sarah Field

Sarah is a sophomore at Blair Academy. She enjoys creative writing as well as journalism, and is a writer for the Blair Breeze and occasionally The Oracle as well.