All I Wanted was Love

All I Wanted was Love

April 18

by Rebecca Xi

The rough cold chain cuts into my skin

and pulls my head down like a rock.

I lay down my head – it’s too much

to keep it up with this metal on my neck.

My dirty spotted fur waves in the cold blasts of air

that have grown stronger as the year goes on.

Here I am, in your backyard,

chained to a tree, all alone.


When you do come out, there’s no love,

only hard blows on my head and back.

You scream and I smell the alcohol on your breath.

You kick me with your boots and grab my ears,

swearing you’ll kill me one day.

I don’t want this anymore.


All I ever gave you was love.

Why won’t you love me?


You come outside one last time

and I whimper, knowing what’s coming.

You grab my neck, lift me off the ground

and hit me with your rock-hard fist.

All I can do is curl up and cry

as pain surges through my tired body.


I remember when I was a little pup

running in a backyard with my brothers and sisters,

happy and healthy. That was a long time ago.

Now I’m stuck here in your backyard.

You’re standing here, screaming, beating me up

and I feel my eyes closing on their own.


What did I ever do to you?

What did I do to deserve this?


My body goes limp and you fling me on the ground –

give me one last kick. My heart slows down.

Why didn’t you ever give me a little love?

That was all I ever wanted from you.

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