A Star is Born

Weeks before my flight to Korea, I was already feeling super excited to be back home for winter break. One of the things I was looking forward to was watching a movie called A Star is Born.

I first heard about this movie through my friend Hannah. We share similar taste in music and movies in general, so when she sent me the trailer for this movie, I could not help but feel excited. Musical movies tend to be my favorite genre, which heightened my excitement even further.

It was quite unfortunate that I couldn’t just run off to a movie theater to watch it since I was at Blair. So the very day I landed in Korea, I went out with my friend to watch the movie.

It was quite incredible. The movie revolves around a struggling artist, Ally, who runs into a renowned musician, Jackson. Jackson immediately recognizes Ally’s potential when he sees her performance at a nightclub, and he is able to give Ally new and bigger opportunities. The two are also quick to develop a romantic relationship wherein they create music and a life together.

Little did Ally and the crowd know the struggles of the prominent artist. Jackson was suffering  from a severe addiction to alcohol and drugs, which eventually takes an emotional toll on him. I will not share further details because I don’t want to spoil it and prevent others from watching this phenomenal movie.

Nonetheless, the overall message of the movie was impactful. I strongly recommend that people take time to watch A Star Is Born, for it lets its audience reflect on what is worth valuing in life and encourages them to look out for those who love them.

Shauna Kwag


Shauna Kwag is a senior editor at Blair Academy. She hopes to integrate her interest in poetry, languages, and sports into her work.