A Poem: Why Electrons are Existentialists 

Electrons are elementary- 

each establishing elements 

easily equipped to coexist 

encapsulated in an atom.

and are easy to understand 

But I was told that I’m a little stupid 

so I was Suggested to Subdivide the Subpar Subatomics into sub shells and spins by subject.  

it’s said to be substantially simpler seeing stuff when scrutinized in a strict stationary situation. 

Then I came to the revelation: electrons experience no alleviation from this external compartmentalization

you have spend years trying to destroy me or break us down to calculate the products of our destruction

I had a relation fixation realization that an entire organization of essentially ethical electrons were emergently exiled (eliminating economic enigmas) to the suburbs of subatomic cities 

and got no subatomic pity from

Proper proton people preferring positive purpose pioneering polar-pacifist posterity but

even subatomic life has subatomic strife 

Synchronically, they’ll give all of themselves to bond (ionically) you ironically suppose they’ll simultaneously shrink and share and bond then seldom succumb suffering then ask who made them negatively charged?

don’t enlarge your negation of immigration habitation 

and degradation has made a violation illustration of our nation’s promotation of starvation in feminization 

maybe that’s why electrons feel too heavy weighing  0.00054 

units of atomic mass

and are only ever talked about 

in chemistry class. 


(Copyright 2018 Elizabeth Negvesky)

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