A Long Way For Nothing?

This past July marked the end of a long, yet dramatic 15th season of The Bachelorette and it was also a turning point for the popular franchise. Former Ms. Alabama, Hannah Brown, chose to use her newly elevated platform to break stereotypes about women on the show.  She became a role model for thousands of young women and girls by showing what a strong and independent woman looks like. 

Hannah showcased her independence throughout the season by dealing with pervasive toxic masculinity, mainly portrayed by the contestant Luke Parker. Parker quickly became the “villain” of the season by expressing his aggressiveness both in the mansion and online. Even when he was being kicked  off of the show, Parker refused to leave, and even interrupted a rose ceremony! Brown’s patience for Parker quickly ran out and the memorable podium-moving scene was born: Hannah physically lifted the podium with the final three roses on it to move it out of Parker’s way. 

Hannah Brown’s facial expression after seeing Luke come back after already being asked to leave.

The three finalists of the season were Tyler Cameron, a 22-year-old contractor from Florida; Peter Weber, a 27-year-old pilot from California; and Jed Wyatt, a 25-year-old musician from Nashville. Weber, a fan favorite, was the first to be broken up with out of the three. Even after having spent a wonderful night in the Fantasy Suite with Brown, she decided that he ultimately was not the man she wanted to marry [ 🙁 ] Tyler Cameron, on the other hand, had a ring in hand and was ready to get down on one knee when he saw Brown atop a hill in Greece that morning. However, he was sent packing alone, ring still in hand after a hard and emotional breakup. 

Then the show’s true yet surprising villain, Wyatt, had his turn. With a gorgeous diamond ring, handmade by the talented Neil Lane, Hannah accepted Jed Wyatt’s proposal (bad decision) in which he sang her a song he had written (really bad decision).  

The show’s finale, hosted by the one and only Chris Harrison, was a shock to the entire Bachelor Nation when the beloved Hannah Brown stood alone in front of a live studio audience. After 12 weeks of love, lust, and heartbreak, this was not the outcome viewers expected. 

Although it was revealed during the season that the “winner” of Bachelorette, Jed Wyatt, was only on the show to promote his music rather than for love, Brown decided to look past it and move forward with their relationship. 

However, his true villainy came out when People Magazine announced that Wyatt had had a girlfriend when he came on the show and that he has promised her that he would return to her once the show ended. Even after he proposed to Brown, Wyatt was still in contact with this other woman. Once exposed, Brown immediately called off the engagement. 

So, when the time came to show’s live finale, no one was there to hold her hand. She was left betrayed, heartbroken, and lacking in faith. She had been through a long, emotional, heartbreaking journey only to end up with nothing. 

However, Brown is now one of the main draws on this season of Dancing with the Stars. She recently moved to California, and, of course, is looking for a boyfriend. Though her Bachelorette journey  did not go as planned, Brown managed to change the opinions of many viewers who disliked the way women had been portrayed in the past, and she has become an icon of feminism in the process. She did a whole lot more than date publicly on television.

(Copyright, 2019, Molly Sysler)

Mollie Sysler

Mollie Sysler is a four-year senior. She is an editor of the Oracle and is looking forward to continuing writing and editing for her remaining time at Blair.