A “Frosh Perspective:” The Spring Break England Trip

The England trip comprised of the Blair Orchestra and Singers. This year we toured Oxford, Cambridge, and London, performing multiple times as a group throughout the trip. This was truly an amazing way to spend my first week of Spring Break. I’ll admit I was skeptical of spending a week in a foreign country when I could have been cuddling with my dogs in bed all day back home, but it was well worth it.

First, I got to live with one of my best friends for a week. As you can imagine, it his was like a slumber party every night. Second, I had the chance to make so many new friends both in and out of my grade who I never would have met otherwise. I don’t think I would have had the nerve to talk to talked to some of these Bucs, let alone go on a tour with them in a different continent, if it weren’t for this opportunity.

We were given  the freedom to explore the different cities that we visited. I barely even noticed that I got lost a few times when we were given the option to roam freely around the cities, because it was so liberating.

Overall, I am so thankful that I was able to share seven days with a group of people who have the same strong passion for music  as I do. Being surrounded by people that love what you love is a gift. As it turns out, those with shared interests tend to be similar to you in many other ways as well. With this in mind,  I urge you to go on school trips whether it’s for music or otherwise. Try it and you might just find yourself meeting some new, incredible people that you never even knew existed.


(Copyright 2018 Ava Roche)