A Flawless Start

On the 16th of September, the Girl’s JV and Varsity tennis teams had their first game of the season against Wyoming Seminary School. The opening game proved to be a great start for the teams: both JV and Varsity took the win with a perfect 5-0 victory. 

While I was able to catch a glimpse of the teams in play, I noticed the amazing intensity and fighting spirit of the players on the court. Sydney Landau ’20 on the number one court took the first victory for the Varsity team, with many others to follow. “We did great as a team for this home opener and there are many more Blair victories to come. As long as we keep working hard and together, we will finish on top,” says Petra Csanyi ’22 after the match. With a sensational start to the season, I think we have much to anticipate from this year’s tennis teams. 

(Copyright, 2019, Alex Chung)

Alex Chung

My name is Alex Chung from South Korea. I am a new sophomore, as well as one of the newest members of the Oracle. I’m a writer with a passion for tennis.