A Farewell Chapel

May 5, 2016. Dean of Faculty, Rachel Stone, delivered her last chapel while at Blair Academy. A slideshow of her family at Blair both opened and concluded the bitter-sweet speech. She began by recounting her experience of joining the Blair faculty in 1994 after completing her undergraduate degree in biology at Yale University, a choice that ultimately led to her meet James Stone (now her husband). From being Head Varsity Girl’s basketball coach to Associate Dean of College, Mrs. Stone has dazzled the Academy with her passion, intellectual curiosity, and genuine love for students.

“Getting to hear Mrs. Stone at Chapel gave us a new insight into her not only as a teacher, but also her personal journey into becoming a mother, wife, and beloved member of the Blair community,” says Cortney Klein ’18. We were able to hear her own personal stories throughout the years at Blair, as well as her love story for not only her family, but her advisees.

I asked Paula Hong ’15 to share some of her fondest memories of Mrs. Stone with me: “This past year, I baked her a cake as a surprise and wanted to give it to her. I took the risk of thinking that she would be home, but of course, with my luck, she wasn’t, and I didn’t have a top for the cake. In the past, I’ve babysat for her, and I knew that one of her doors wouldn’t be locked at that time of day, so I got into the house for her surprise.”

Whether it was in the classroom, on stage, or on the basketball court, Mrs. Stone has always found a way to make our time here at Blair better. Both the faculty and students are confident that she will bring this same excitement to the Canterbury School this fall and wish for the best as she continues her career and story with her family.

(Copyright 2016 Janice Negvesky)

Janice Negvesky