Parallel Universes

Déjà vu moments are freaky. I am always confused whenever I experience them. Sometimes I even think that I could be psychic, but I am unfortunately not that cool.

If you look up the word “déjà vu” in the dictionary, the definition is “the feeling of having already experienced the present situation.” So what if that was an actual thing? Just imagine, right now there could be another you doing exactly what you’re doing except in a completely different dimension. It’s kind of like the different earths in The Flash or the Upside Down in Stranger Things (except there aren’t demigorgans trying to kill you).

Scientists have not been able to discover any life forms on other planets, but logically Earth can’t be the only one that has living things. It just doesn’t add up to me.

Maybe scientists are looking in the wrong spots. I think there are different versions of earth all throughout the universe. Humans just aren’t dedicated enough to search for them, I guess, which is why I bring you this article, to get an insight on my personal opinion of the universe and its alter ego.

There are no boundaries when it comes to the universe or even science. There are alternative views of the world and its surroundings. Lots of different scientists have hundreds of logical theories, but they are just very well informed guesses. It takes years to provide and prove a theory, but it can take seconds to disprove one.

Let’s come up with a conspiracy theory about the universe, something that doesn’t need to be proven but is reasonable. Have you ever felt dizzy all of a sudden? Imagine that your “alter ego” just did the exact same thing, in the exact same spot, at the exact same time you did, and the balance of the universe was thrown off for a few seconds, therefore explaining your sudden dizziness.

Those moments do not happen often because your alternate self does not always do exactly what you do all the time. That dizziness only happens when you and your other self are about to make a decision about the same thing at the same time, but you choose to do one thing while your alter ego chooses to do another. For example, when you stand up and choose to head left, but your other self goes right, you feel dizzy. In the split second you and your alter ego were in the same place, it threw off the universe, making you lightheaded.

Every decision you make that’s different from your alter ego’s makes another universe, meaning that universes keep multiplying with almost every choice you make. No matter how miniscule a decision is, it potentially creates a whole alternate universe revolving around that specific choice from one specific point in time.

The Flash was relatively correct in that different Earths are assigned different numbers. For example, this Earth, the one everyone reading this is on right now, would be considered “Earth-1.” Every person has an infinite amount of Earths, because every person makes an infinite amount of decisions in their lifetime.

Getting back to the déjà vu concept, the reason why you have those really odd moments that create a lot of stress for you is because you have to consider the idea that you may be psychic. You aren’t psychic though. There are infinite Earths with  infinite versions of each person.

(Copyright 2019 Emma Abbott)

Emma Abbott

Emma Abbott is a junior who enjoys embracing her creative writing styles that may not always be what is wanted in a typically structured English class.