Skeptics: Rob Montz Returns

Rob Montz returned to Blair, this time showing his documentary about censorship in colleges, and discussing whether or not attending college immediately after high school is the right step for everyone.

Rob Montz graduated from Brown University in 2005 with a degree in philosophy. He then moved to Washington, D.C, where he worked in public policy and communications before starting to make his own films.

The last time Montz visited Blair Academy, he talked to students about the American education system, which he says has kids emerging from college with no idea what to do. He showed his documentary The Quarterlife User Manual which is about the “quarter-life crises” students experience due to their lack of real world preparation.

This year, Montz showed his documentary Silence U, which is about political correctness on college campuses. He hoped that his work would encourage students to think about what they truly want from college education, and not to simply “see it as the next mandatory thing they are supposed to do.” He wanted to let students know that going to college right after high school isn’t a necessity, saying, “I don’t think most Blair students think about that much– and, if they were like me as a teenager, they are blinded by the prestige associated with such institutions.”

From the reaction of the audience after the talk, it seemed as if Montz had left a better impression than after his last talk. Aidan Riano ’20 said, “Personally, I agree with Mr. Montz’s ideas, and I am very glad he was able to explain it in an educated way… I very much appreciated Mr. Montz’s talk and hope people took away the right message.” He also mentioned how he had walked into the talk expecting to disagree with many of Montz’s ideas, but was “pleasantly surprised to find the talk wonderfully detailed and explained brilliantly.”

While Montz only showed one documentary, Silence U is a three-part series on the controversies of free speech. The one shown during Skeptics was specifically about Brown University; his other two documentaries focus on Yale University and University of Chicago.

For those who want to see more of Rob Montz’s films, check out his website where you can find all of his videos and essays.

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Ally Kim

Ally is a graduate of the class of 2020.