5 Prop Ideas for a Unique Photo

Here are some easy props that you could use to make your photos look much more unique.

1. Use a mirror  

Have your subject look into a mirror and get behind them to take a photo. Make sure to have good lighting. These photos all used natural light. Using a mirror in different ways to create a reflection is always a cool way to add something to a photo.

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2. Use a doily to cast shadows 

By using something like a doily or a scrap of lace, you can cast shadows on the subject’s face. You will need direct light on the model if you want it to really contrast against their face.

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3. Use a CD to reflect rainbows or use it for a reflection shot

With a CD, you can cast rainbows on someone’s face, or you could use it to capture reflection. Here, my subject just held the CD to their face and I got behind them.

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4. Use your phone to create a reflection

By holding your phone right under your camera lens, you can capture reflection shots of your subject. Here I tilted my phone to try to get different angles.

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5. Use objects like a leaf or your own hand to frame the subject or to blur its focus

In the first photo, I used a leaf to blur the focus of my subject. This added a cool lens flare-look to the photo. In the second photo I used my fingers to frame the subject’s face.

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I hope these tips help make your photos more unique!

(Copyright 2019 June Dinias)

June Dinias

June Dinias ’20 is an editor and writer that has been on the Oracle since her Freshman year. She has explored writing about various topics, focusing on art, food, and culture. She also manages our instagram account. Outside of the Oracle, June is an AP photo student and a yearbook staff member.