5 Best Restaurants in the City

Catch NYC

Known to be frequented by many celebrities, such as the Kardashians, Catch NYC is a seafood restaurant located in the Meatpacking District near the Chelsea Market. Featuring a rooftop lounge and tufted booths, Catch is known for having a trendy atmosphere. As for food, Catch is best known for its lobster mac and cheese, parmesan-truffle fries and their illustrious “Hit Me” cake. The “Hit Me” cake contains four layers: brownie, cake, ice cream and liquid Klondike bar. When you pour chocolate ganache on top and hit it with a spoon, it erupts melted chocolate. Last time I went, I had their simply-cooked grilled shrimp and truffle fries. Both were amazing. I’ve also gone for brunch and had an acai bowl, which was also up to par. Along with its contemporary setting, popular clientele, and delicious food, Catch is one of my favorite restaurants in the city.


TAO Downtown

Located in Chelsea, and also known for its trendy atmosphere and frequent celebrity sightings, is TAO downtown. This Pan-Asian restaurant has a huge underground space, and is dark and subtly lit with candles and hanging lights. It contains giant statues and intricate golden decor. No part of TAO is left decorless and its ornate details, even in the bathrooms, is what makes TAO deserving of a 4.5 decor Zagat rating. For a small plate I had their chicken satay, which had rich flavor and tasty seasoning. I’ve also had theirHong Kong fried noodles and lo mein, both of which were delectable. To end the night, I had TAO’s giant fortune cookie, which was filled with white and dark chocolate mousse. TAO also has an uptown location that is also highly revered.


Del Friscos

This traditional New York steakhouse, located in the middle of Midtown, features views of Sixth Street in a spacious, upscale setting. It’s known to be frequented by many bankers and traders, with Business Insider calling it “one of Wall Street’s favorite hang-outs for some time.” For steak, I recommend their filet mignon and porterhouse, but steak isn’t the only thing mouthwatering on the menu; their sides are great too. Their thick-cut onion rings, which are much larger than you would imagine, are exquisite. Even the bread that comes before your meal is delicious. According to People, Michael Phelps was even spotted there along with his wife. They ordered filet mignon and Del Frisco’s signature lobster mac and cheese. All around, a meal at Del Frisco’s, although expensive, is a great experience and well worth it.

Peter Luger

This well known steakhouse, located in Brooklyn since 1887, has remained a popular NYC destination for some time. Although initially hesitant to the idea of another NYC steakhouse trumping my favorite, Del Frisco’s, I have to say that Peter Luger lived up to its reputation. Before your meal they bring you a huge bread basket filled with different kinds of fresh bread. Eating this bread before the steak is a very bad idea, which I did anyway, because how often do you get to binge on 5 fresh bread rolls at once? The bread basket alone makes me want to return to Peter Luger. Their dry-aged prime beef for two is large and delicious, as is their “Luger-Burger” and french fries. Both were a meat lovers dream. Now, if you’re still not so full you feel like you’re going to explode, please go on and try desert. You can’t leave without having “Luger’s Special Holy Cow Hot Fudge Sundae.” This ice cream sundae with homemade whipped cream was, as you could predict, amazing. With your bill, the restaurant also gives you chocolate coins, just in case you’re still not full.





Although not as well known as some of the others on this list, Pizzarte is just as deserving of their spot. This Italian restaurant, which according to the website “captures the spirit of Naples,” features classic and modern Italian dishes in a bright and art-filled space. Although their entrance is less then grand, inside you’ll find a contemporary space. They also have a second floor containing the same design, and with views of the street. Their classic brick oven pizza is delicious. I’ve had their Margherita pizza multiple times and it’s always been great. However, the restaurant’s real talent lies in their pasta. Their homemade maccaronara pasta, prepared al pomodoro is exquisite. It’s definitely my favorite pasta in the city. Their consistency and excellent food quality is what makes Pizzarte one of the best Italian restaurants in New York.

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June Dinias

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