Leaving them Hun-gry for a Win

On Wednesday, Blair played the Hun School, dominating with a score of 65-25. Blair opened the game by unleashing a torrent of threes and drives for a 25 point lead in the first quarter. Throughout the rest of the game, Hun never closed the massive gap, with Blair maintaining a 20-plus lead for the remaining quarters. Erica Martinsen ’18 earned a notable point with a buzzer beater in the third quarter, bringing the score to 49-17.

The game showed off Blair’s strong defense and unstoppable offense as the Buc’s clinched the game with a 40 point lead. Hun is now starved for a win as they enter the MAPLs with a 0-3 season. This was another validating game, bringing the girls’ season to 7-3.

The team’s next competition is today, away at the Harry S. Truman High School. Go Bucs!

(Copyright 2017 Ethan Huang)

Ethan Huang

Sophomore residing in West Hall. Crew Athlete and Art Appreciator.