2015 in Film: A Year in Review, Part 1/2

Happy new year, Oracle readers! With 2016 officially in swing, and before Oscar nominations are announced on the 14th, it’s time for a recap of 2015’s crop of film releases. I didn’t see every big movie that came out this year, but I have plenty of opinions on the ones I did see.


Most Underrated Movie: The Gift

the gift
Scene from “The Gift”

Joel Edgerton wrote, directed, and co-starred in The Gift– and it’s so good that I was surprised to learn it was his directorial debut. He’s fine in the role he plays, as is Rebecca Hall as one-half of the couple Edgerton’s character stalks, but the real revelation here is Jason Bateman. Mostly known for comedy, he’s moved more into drama lately and The Gift really proves his acting chops. I’d call it one of his best performances ever. This movie was buried in the late summer but is unjustly forgotten about. Check it out, it might surprise you.


Most Overrated Movie: It Follows

Scene from "It Follows"
Scene from “It Follows”

I’m a casual movie fan– I am still in high school, after all. I don’t actively seek out bad films, but It Follows is the closest I saw to a “bad movie” this year. More than anything, it was annoying– annoying characters, annoying dialogue, annoying plot, annoying scares. I really don’t understand where all the praise is coming from.

Later this week: If I made a full “best movies” list, these films (plus a few others) would all be on it…

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