10 Reasons to See Godspell This Weekend!

10. It’s free to Blair students and faculty

9. It opens on Valentine’s Day, so it’s a great date for that special someone (you can show that person how classy you are by taking them to a show!)

8. It’s a musical, so there is lots of music to make you happy on a cold winter’s night.

7. This is the last chance to see seniors Matt Bottone, Jill Rogers, and John Zoetjes in a musical.

6. Godspell is one of the world’s most popular musicals, and this is a recent revised version.

5. Lots of new Academy Players showing that the future on the Blair stages is bright. The veterans also show their talent!

4. The set does some surprising things, thanks to Mr. Rasmussen’s and Mr. Ryerson’s magical tech crew.

3. The band is on stage, so you get to watch our own Yolanda Cao and Joy Cheng play with some professionals!

2. The musical is based on the New Testament, often referred to as “The greatest story ever told.”

1. The Blair Academy Players are always better than the Peddie School’s players!

(Copyright 2019 Craig Evans)